Even with the digital marketing at the peak in today’s time there is no way that a company or business can ignore the importance of outbound marketing. Most people are unable to understand the difference between the inbound and outbound marketing and how both the marketing techniques work so today let us look at the outbound marketing in detail .

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is a type of marketing technique in which the company or the business tries to convey a message to the outside world, the audience or the public to whom they want to expose their products and services. This is the traditional type of marketing which includes Radio ads, TV ads, posters, newspaper prints, billboards and etc.

So you may say that outbound marketing doesn’t include any kind of digital marketing or the online marketing techniques. Even though people might think that online marketing is more effective companies still spend 90% of their marketing budget on outbound marketing.

Importance of outbound marketing

Most companies in today’s time do not understand the need for outbound marketing. Yes, online marketing and outsourcing lead generation is important for your business as well but you must never undermine the power of the traditional ways because there are still people out there that love watching the TV or read newspapers on daily basis, or look through the billboards on their way to work.

According to a research carried out in the US, outbound marketing gets the attention of 93% of the citizens of US which is quite a number. Imagine your advert reaching to these many people in such a short time.

Apart from that the elders of the era still prefer the way in the traditional manner and they do have quite a number so you cannot ignore them as the customers thus have to cater the needs of all your potential customers in order to make sure that you generate maximum revenues.

Problems with outbound marketing

Just like all the other marketing techniques, outbound marketing also has certain drawbacks. The greatest drawback of outbound marketing is that you cannot track the return on investment accurately so there is no way of knowing the economic benefit that it would be providing to your business. The other problem is that with the passage of time the blocking techniques have developed and the public can sue them to block your outbound marketing tactics like personal calls and emails.