A printer is a kind of hardware device that is also called an output device. The printers are used to provide stored data of devices into hard form. The printer was first created in 1822. Charles Babbage was the one who invented the first printer. That printer was named as mechanical printer. In this printer, rod were used to print the data on the pages. Scientists made different innovation and this is how there came a number of printers including Laser printers, Epson Printers, Inkjet printers and many more.


The developments in technology have made work easier for mankind and same is in the case of printers. The types of printers include 3D printers, Inkjet printer, Multifunction printer, LED printer, Dot matrix printer, and laser printer, etc.


Printers have many uses and since its invention, it has always been useful for humans. It helps to bring their art out in public in hard form either it is a book, journal or some painting. After mechanic printers, digital printers were invented by scientists. Prints are found everywhere, including educational institutions and working places. Nowadays, printers are of many uses and of course, these printers are improving the lives of people in many ways.


In 1971, Gary Starkweather made laser printers. The unique characteristic of the laser printer is that it uses the laser technology to print the data present in the device. Laser printers are used everywhere either in the educational institutions, offices or industries. A laser printer is a good option if the document is in MS Word, Spreadsheet or a web page. There are two types of laser printers, black and white and color printers.  Laser printers are faster in use and take less time in cleaning. Through these printers, excellent printout can be taken.

Epson printers are modern printers that use different technologies for printing. The technologies used by the Epson printers include the PrecisionCore technology and Advanced Micro Piezo Technology. Epson printers are of different types which may include the Super tank Printers and Epson Stylus photo printers. These printers are based on high and advanced technologies. These printers are perfectly in use. The technology used by the Epson printers has made these printers a well-known and one of the top technologies. These printers are far better than the laser printers due to their advanced technologies. These printers work more efficiently than other printers.