Unquestionable Significance of an Aviation Headset

Unquestionable Significance of an Aviation Headset post thumbnail image

You’ll notice that captains always put on an Aviation Headset before they sit on a cockpit seat. This fact begs the question, why do all captains wear a pilot headset? Well, you have no reason to worry as this write-up will dwell on that.

Noteworthy Importance of an Aviation Headset

A pilot headset is of utmost significance to a pilot and other cabin crew members. Here are some of its main functions.

  • It helps a captain to communicate with the aviation marshallers; a captain must always be in contact with the people on the ground. However, you must know that these may be challenging especially since he or she too, is also flying the plane. An aviation headset comes in handy in enhancing that communication.
  • They help to prevent hearing loss; normally there’s way too much noise in the cockpit. The truth is that this noise can be too deafening. For this reason, captains must put this equipment on to stay safe. Remember that this equipment features thick earbuds than keeps the noise away.
  • They promote clearer communication with ATC; another important use of a headset is to enable the pilot to communicate effectively, with ATC. Remember that pilot headsets help to eliminate too much noise, especially in the cockpit. Consequently, all parties can communicate more effectively with one another during the flight.
  • You can use it to listen to some music; if your headset has an aux cable, then you can listen to some music. The good news is that you can regulate the volume of the music. Therefore, these products pose no health risk to the user.

How an Aviation Headset Reduces Noise

As you know by now, an aviation headset is effective in lowering the noise level, especially in the cockpit. How does that happen? You may wonder. Well, the headset utilizes the passive noise reduction technique to keep the wearer safe. Technically PNR pilot headsets blocks sound waves from getting into the ear. Consequently, your sense of hearing remains as sharp as before.

Characteristics of a Good Pilot Headset

After understanding the huge significance of this communication device, let’s get to know about the features of good aviation headsets.

  • It must have a thick earbud; an earbud plays a critical role in blocking sound waves. For this reason, the thicker it is, less noise will penetrate. That’s why experts recommend that you purchase the pilot headset with thick earbuds.
  • Relatively light; a pilot ought to put on a relatively lightweight headset. You don’t want a communication device that will make you uncomfortable. Remember that captains must put on an aviation headset for hours and hours during the flight.
  • The headset features an aux cable; modern pilot headsets have an aux cable which alerts a pilot in case of a notification. Apart from that, it enables the captain to listen to some quality music when they’re not in communication with the people at the airport.
  • High hearing protection capability; a prudent captain will only consider a pilot headset with a reasonable hearing protection ability. Nowadays, most headsets have a protection capability of 24dB.
  • It features a microphone and amplifier; aviation headsets need to have both a microphone and an amplifier. Thus, whenever you’re out to buy such a product, ensure that you check these features first.
  • Highly durable; most long-lasting headsets are relatively unbreakable. For this reason, it makes sense to buy a quality product to enjoy unmatched durability.
  • It has a volume control knob; a user must be able to control the volume of noise than penetrates. Thus, a good pilot headset needs to have a functional volume control knob.

In conclusion, it’s important to buy these products from reliable dealers. Unfortunately, several fraudsters in the market sell substandard headsets. That’s why you must only purchase the aviation headset from a dependable dealer. Thanks to technological advancement, there are multiple trustworthy online stores from which you can buy.